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If you are planning to improve or change your property’s landscaping, you’ve come to the place. In Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, we have a team of landscape designers to bring your landscaping vision to life. Our focus is to apply our clients’ ideas alongside our own expert suggestions for the location and maintenance simplicity or complexity. The result? Landscape design Melbourne Eastern Suburbs our clients love.

Landscape Design Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Tailored Landscape Design Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Services

We specialise in providing landscape design services that cater to your vision. You can rely on our experienced team to get the job done well, from bush layout and border design to pavers and retaining walls.

Garden Makeovers

We view ourselves as artists rather than landscapers when it comes to our landscape design projects. Our services encompass aspects such as garden makeovers where we breathe life into your outdoor space, carefully selecting plants that create an enjoyable environment.

Paving and hard landscaping

Paving, footpaths, and driveways are part of the landscaping. We include them in our plans, or we can focus our work on them for a makeover of your front yard.  

Irrigation Systems

We design and install irrigation systems to meet the needs of your landscape all year. We ensure your plants thrive as efficiently and as environmentally-friendly as possible. .

Retaining Walls

If you want wonderful retaining walls, we are Melbourne’s trusted specialists in designs that not only improve the aesthetics and stability of your space but also prevent soil erosion. Multi-tiered gardens serve both attractive purposes and can even give you functional green spaces to enjoy with the family.

Native Plant Landscaping

Let us help you in creating a landscape that beautifully showcases the local flora. We excel at incorporating plants into your surroundings, fostering biodiversity and promoting water conservation.

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